Dr Braden C. Andersen

1260 116th Ave. NE. #210, Washington, United States

Regenerative Medicine Northwest

Dr. Braden C. Andersen is a Pacific Northwest native. Dr. Andersen is a Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). He holds a Dual Doctorate and Dual Board Certifications in both Family Practice and Acute Care (AG). Additionally, he has a background in Hospital Administration and has been published in local magazines, newspapers, and online periodicals.

Dr. Andersen received numerous awards relating to the satisfaction of patients under his care and/or departmental leadership in the past and continues to deliver this patient-centered care. His experience actively extends into Emergency Medicine and Family Practice offering our patients expertise in both acute and chronic condition management. Outside RMNW, the ER, and Family Practice – Dr. Andersen is a nonprofit leader in the Bellevue area and a recovering Rock Climbing addict.

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            1260 116th Ave. NE. #210, Washington, United States

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