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Placental Tissue Matrix Allograft (PTM Therapy™) is a breakthrough treatment that works to heal and repair injury and pain, reducing discomfort and restoring optimal function to your body. If you suffer from chronic pain or have had a sports-related injury that is affecting you in your everyday life, PTM Therapy™ could be the solution for you. PTM Therapy™ comes from the extract of placental homologous tissue product and is effective for repairing connective tissue injuries like ligament and tendon tears, joint arthritis, and meniscus degeneration.

Our PTM Therapy™ for pain and injury is performed with Ultrasound Guided Injections. Our highly trained musculoskeletal ultrasonographers offer a level of expertise found in no other region of Southern California. High-resolution ultrasound allows us to diagnose and treat injuries in live time, with 10x the precision of an MRI. In addition, we utilize the detailed imaging of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound to educate our patients about the diagnosis, and to work together with our patients to ensure that the decisions we are making are best for them.

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            838 G StreetSuite 201, San Diego, California, United States

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