About Us

At Konnect Relief we look at pain relief from a natural perspective and believe you can avoid surgery and dangerous or addictive medication.

Our Story

You Deserve to Feel Young Again

Years ago a young doctor of chiropractic, Scot Gray, DC served as a city council president in a small town in Ohio. During that time he saw how big the opiate and pain relief problem was in his city, the state of Ohio, and around the country. Using all of the connections and research tools available to him, he started Konnect Relief to connect natural solutions to those who are suffering, not just temporary cover up medicine.

Why Konnect Relief

Here at Konnect Relief we promise to connect you to only the best, certified medical providers who use natural, holistic methods to eliminate your pain and suffering.

About Konnect Relief’s Founder Dr Scot Gray

Years ago a young doctor of chiropractic, Scot Gray, DC served as city council president in a small town in Ohio. He was shocked to find out devastating the opiate and pain pill problem was in his city, Ohio, and the country. Using all of his connections and knowledge available to him from working with docs all over the country, Scot set off to find an answer to this pain pill problem. He interviewed the best doctors, read the latest research to find out the best system to ultimately eliminate the need for opiates and possibly eliminate or push back the need for some surgeries. Dr. Scot later thought if this system is helping all of my patients and the doctor she’s interviewing, it needs to be Konnected to everyone who is suffering. So he decided to build this network, called Konnect Relief, to bring this system to the masses. His goal is to build a community of like minded doctors and patients to get the best health results possible.

After some time, patients of our offices began asking a couple of of questions:

Although the natural system we use was helping people to get out of pain, avoid medications and surgeries, it was still difficult for many to find providers who practice the way we do, naturally, without medication and willing to listen and treat you holistically.

The patients of our offices were experiencing personal relief with their own health and were seeking more providers to help their friends and family in other states and even other countries, so they too could get safe, natural pain relief they were experiencing, with no one to help.

Our Motto

You deserve to feel your best. This is based on the natural and holistic theory of health. When your provider really listens to you and looks at your health holistically – rather than just prescribing away individual symptoms, you can reach a whole new level of health and vitality. The less chemicals you have in your body and the less your body is scarred or cut by surgery the better chance you have to get the best results. We believe everybody has the ability to reach better health, less pain, more mobility and so much more when you use a natural and holistic approach. You deserve to feel your best. You deserve to feel better. At Konnect Relief we believe the power that made the body is the power that can heal the body when it is allowed to heal by the proper natural support and treatments.

What Can You Expect From Konnect Relief?

  • Research-Backed Treatments Only
  • Certified Konnect Relief Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Chiropractors
  • A Holistic Solution to Your Suffering
  • Our “No Wait, Friendly Office” Guarantee

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